Organizations are constantly competing for their customer’s preferences and loyalty; competition which costs them a great deal in time, effort, and finally – money.
It is agreed that the most critical and important meeting point between any organization and its customers is found at the level of the organization’s communication with their customers, which is provided, today, by a vast array of delivery channels.
Customer letters, price proposals, email and fax messages, transactions and sales summaries, and agreements and policies, are just a sample of the wide variety of document types and communication channels that can exist between an organization and its customers.
In order to empower communication with their customers, raise customer motivation for a desired action, and to create a perfect service experience, the organization must first reach its customers in the most personalized, effective, intelligent, and focused manner, while fully understanding and meeting the customer’s needs and desires.
The organization must also reach the customer within a timeframe and through the channel preferred by customer, be it mail, email, or cellular and even including video and audio content.


FreeForm is a leading and fully featured solution, designed specifically to meet all of your customer’s communication needs.
The FreeForm solution offers a choice of preferred communication channels to your customers, using the most relevant output document type for the selected channel. And with FreeForm, you will be able to reach your customers within the most convenient timeframe.

To enable total customer communication management, FreeForm provides solutions for the following issues:

  • Mobile communications
  • Email, fax, and SMS messages
  • Output accessibility for the blind and hard of seeing population
  • Batch outputs and digital press houses
  • Interactive and personalized outputs
  • Archive storage, including digital signatures
  • and much more…

FreeForm is the perfect answer to empowering your customer communication.
Owing to these impressive features, the FreeForm solution is positioned, for the last four years, as a leader in the category of Output Management by STKI 2014 marketing review.

Be personalized

Our products have numerous interfaces for various organizational applications, making it possible to collect all relevant data prior to output generation.
You can use your customer’s personal data in order to make contact in a personalized manner that is tailored to customer’s specific needs and requirements. In this way, you can win customer loyalty and motivate your customer to purchase additional products and services.

Be fast and flexible

FreeForm enables designing your output in the fastest possible way, without having previous programming knowledge. In this way, you can react immediately to the customer changes and requests.

Reach your customer in the way that your customer chooses

Every customer has specific needs and preferences. While one prefers to receive emails, another may prefer to work with their smart phones.
FreeForm supports a great variety of formats and allows output distribution through various channels and formats, so that you can reach your customers in their preferred way.

Be consistent and uniform in your messages

Preserve your corporate ID. The FreeForm system functions as the Enterprise Bus that serves all organizational applications. With the FreeForm system, you can maintain the uniformity of your marketing message, corporate ID and design style throughout all of the delivery channels. The system provides easy maintenance and ensures consistency and uniformity in the dynamic and ever-changing world.

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