About Autofont Group

Offering a unique variety of the technological products and solutions, the Autofont Group consists of companies which provide professional output management and printing solutions.
The Autofont Group is composed of the following divisions:

  • Docomotion
  • APS

Docomotion is responsible for the development to the Autofont Group flagship product. Docomotion specializes in the development and integration of the FreeForm system that serves as an enterprise bus for generating and delivering smart, personalized, and interactive outputs, through a diverse array of channels, to the customers.
Among the Autofont Group customers are the largest Israeli bank groups (Leumi, Discount, First International, Mizrahi- Tfahot) as well as such leading insurance companies as IDI and Klal.

APS is responsible for marketing and distributing printing and output solutions that enable:

  • Management and control of critical printing organizational processes.
  • Minimizing the network load in printing processes.
  • Secure production of cheques and payment vouchers on plain paper using magnetic toner, generated via various bookkeeping applications and ERPs (such as SAP).
  • Output optimization via barcode printing on various printouts.
  • Pin Code generation.
  • Scanning.

Contact Us

  • Address: St. Yad Harutzim 27B, Industrial Area Poleg, Netanya
  • Phone: 09-8309999
  • Fax: 09-8309998